Sunday, November 30, 2014

My Reviews This Year

If you're here on The Blackened Edge reading this post, all it takes is a little scroll downward to see that I haven't updated the website in a year. But that doesn't mean that I haven't been doing anything. Here's a quick list of the reviews that I've put together for Last Rites. While we're on the topic, I highly recommend the scribes at Last Rites for any heavy metal opinions you might need. They're a great group of writers and I'm fortunate to be able to work with them.

Sure, that's not a huge number of albums, but it's not nothing. I also regularly contribute to group pieces that Last Rites publishes, such as the Devil's Dozen pieces that highlight great tracks from heavy metal groups of yore.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

I'm Still Alive

It's been a while since I updated here. I'm still listening to music, that's for sure. Let me give you a quick rundown on a couple things.

1) I moved from Massachusetts to Ohio
2) I got a new job as a programmer
3) I nearly lost my entire music collection because I was sloppy when upgrading my computer

The lesson here is that even if you think you're extremely tech savvy (I work with computers for a living, here), you can still be really dumb. Always have a backup. These days, you can buy a multiple terabyte drive for a hundred bucks. If that's what it takes to back up your music collection, do it. It'll be a whole lot less expensive than repurchasing it. Even if you have it all backed up in cloud services or can redownload it from Amazon or Bandcamp or re-rip it from CDs, just having a record of what you own backed up somewhere can be very, very helpful.

I'll try to give some quick impressions of the music I'm listening to soon.