Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Holy Hell, What Happened?

The truth is that I haven't been thinking as a music blogger ately. This blog certainly interests me, and the topic is always something I'm thinking about. If you've ever breached the topic with me in person, you'll know that I can go on for hours about metal, about this or that album, and about why the genre is so great and is a necessary ingredient in all art and music lover's lives. But why haven't I posted anything on the blog?

Honestly, I've just been too burned out to do it. I'm going to try to put up some updates. I have no idea what kind of schedule that will be. But for now, I've posted my Top 20 list for 2010, and you should absolutely listen to all those albums, if you haven't already. I know that Top 20 lists are extremely subjective, and I'm not going to fight anyone to the death for mine (except my #1 pick), but I often learn from other people's year end lists, so I offer mine for educational purposes. I'll also be collecting my 2009 and 2008 lists here on this blog, instead of leaving them languishing in Facebook-land.

If you want often updated reviews of the latest material from real critics (and some not so real critics), I highly recommend MetalReview.com (for the highest quality reviews) and TheNewReview (whose reviewers occasionally have too-mainstream tastes for me). Other than that, stay with The Blackened Edge for my own brilliant opinions on everything that I care to opine on.

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