Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Modern Metal Guitarists

For the past couple weeks, MetalSucks.net has been putting up a list of the Top 25 modern metal guitarists, which, as a guitarist myself, I have been reading with interest. Many of their picks surprised me, as well as some of the exclusions, knowing the tastes of the writers MetalSucks. Their top guitarist of the modern era is David Davidson of Revocation, and I thought it was worth mentioning him here. Revocation is a death/thrash group out of Boston who are an incredibly talented group of musicians playing a unique take on the genre. Revocation's last album, Existence Is Futile, was one of my favorites from 2009. Apparently, they have a new album coming out this August, so I'm excited to hear how much they've developed in the past two years.

Here's a video from Existence Is Futile. Like axe-master Alexi Laiho (and the legendary Israelite king who he shares a name with), David plays the strings and sings, which anyone who's hefted the instrument knows is a whole new level of difficulty. Hopefully David won't burn out in ten years like Alexi seems to.

And while I'm being nostalgic, here's an extremely low-quality video of "Kissing The Shadows" played ten years ago in Seoul.

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