Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Evolution of Dez Fafara

Since I just reviewed DevilDriver's latest, I thought I'd post a series of music videos to show how far Dez has come in his career. Unfortunately, stupid Roadrunner Records decided to disable embedding for there videos, in order to protect their copyrights. So all you get is a list of links. Oh well.
1997: Coal Chamber - Loco See what we put up with people calling "metal" back in '97?
1999: Coal Chamber - Shock The Monkey No, including Ozzy in this song doesn't make it metal.
2002: Coal Chamber - Fiend Probably a low point for Dez.
2003: DevilDriver - I Could Care Less Aside from the atrocious grammar, see how hard he's trying to be metal?
2005: DevilDriver - End of the Line At this point, Dez has become legitimately metal. Plus, John Boecklin is playing double bass with bare feet.
2007: DevilDriver - Clouds Over California Good times on Rock Band. How much fun would it have been to be the little kid who gets to play Dez in this video?
2009: DevilDriver - Pray For Villains Super weird video, but it demonstrates once again that John plays drums barefoot. And the song is a step up from "Clouds Over California."
2011: DevilDriver - Dead to Rights And guitar solos summon zombies. I'd say this is the most metal that Dez has ever been.

So the quality of Roadrunner's uploads are atrocious. You'd think that they'd want people to be able to see that music videos that they'd spent money on. But no. They don't. I have no idea that they're thinking. I am impressed that Dez has basically put out an album every other year since 1997. Few artists do that today.

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